Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Sometimes things seem just too coincidental to be coincidental and you have to wonder if there really is some magic mojo at work. For example, I was perusing Sisyphus Shrugged this evening, where I was alerted to the existence of this little gem of an article from the July 9, 1998 edition of the Washington Post. Up top:
John McCain has more pressing worries than eligibility on the road to the Republican presidential nomination in 2000....But is he constitutionally qualified to become president? McCain was indeed born in the Canal Zone, and Article II of the Constitution plainly states that "no person except a natural born Citizen... shall be eligible to the Office of President."
And so on...
Now down below:
The citizenship question has come up in past presidential campaigns. George Romney, the late Michigan governor and a leading aspirant for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. His support nose-dived following his September 1967 statement that he was "brainwashed" by the U.S. military during a visit to Vietnam.
All in one freakishly coincidental, decade old blurb in the what the hell section of the Post. Weird. Not weird enough, at the end of the day, for me to get any ideas about prescience or destiny. The amount of ink and pixels spilled in any given decade is so mind-bogglingly huge that anyone of a mind to find coincidences or apparently successful soothsaying* can manage without much trouble.
'Cept it doesn't look like anyone was trying to find any such, and ain't that neat?

*Yes, there are cleaner phrases than "successful soothsaying." It has a ring. Back off.

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