Thursday, February 21, 2008

I wonder

Just thinking aloud here, but...
I wonder if Gore has refused to endorse (or if Gore has been asked not to endorse by someone like...say...Howard Dean) so he can be one of the final coffin nails should Clinton try to stay in post-March 4.
Of course, post March 4 would be post-post-firewall, so my hypothesis may assume too much prognostication.
BUT-Al Giordano at the Field was predicting a Gore endorsement for Obama as far back as late January. It may be that he was asked to hold off so he could put the Clinton campaign out of its and our misery before it becomes a superdelegate showdown (or a member of the team sent on that mission-remember, Pelosi and Edwards have yet to endorse as well). That role seems to suit his elder-statesman image pretty well.
But what do I know-I'm just thinking here...

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Brendan said...

Interesting speculation, and I think it's entirely possible that you're right.

The one other explanation I've heard is that Gore now sees himself as above the fray, and/or wants to play the senior statesman role if the primaries don't resolve the race.