Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Out

I'm watching Romney's withdrawal speech on MSNBC right now. What a delightful sight-from Laura Ingraham pissing all over John McCain while introducing Romney, to the ignorant hordes howling in horror as he says he's out, to Romney's refusal to endorse. The Republican Party is self-immolating.

By the way, it's interesting that Romney called anything lessening the chance that McCain would win in the general aiding in surrender to the enemy (way to keep it classy, Mitts!) immediately after Ingraham did everything she could to diminish McCain. Circular firing squad much?

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Brendan said...

Yes, wasn't that whole thing delicious?

I wonder whether Dr. Laura knew about Romney's plan, and went ahead with the speech because she thought she could send a message to McCain about listening to CPAC's demands. That'd be the charitable interpretation, of course. The other possibilities are sour grapes and cluelessness.

A great day for the reality-based community, though, whatever her motivations.