Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some thoughts on the [please let it be] final debate

I think Obama basically won (surprise!). Not a knockout, but he offered nothing cringeworthy, either. Obama would have basically had to completely botch the mission for Clinton to have won, and he didn't. Clinton offered a few "ouch" moments. For example, the "you always ask me the first question" response. What the hell was that? I don't even know what point she was trying to make, so at best it was a non sequitur.
Russert didn't look good, but does he ever? As Josh Marshall notes, his insistence on reading Farrakhan's noxious quotes into the record was just bizarre.

Also, in the post-game on MSNBC, Chris Matthews is coming off as (surprise) a fool. Watching Matthews force Jesse Jackson to admit that Barack Obama is a better speaker than him was kind of painful. That question accomplished nothing, and made me kind of sad (and I'm no huge Jackson-backer, either).

And Stephanie Tubbs Jones does not come off well as a Clinton spokesperson. She looked adequate when she was opposite Captain Knucklehead, but when she has no moron as a foil, she looks ineffectual and a little spastic.

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