Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And now that I'm back...

I realize that I have come back almost two years to the day that I last posted. I assure you that this was not planned. Also, if you are looking for a worthless online degree, in the years that I've been gone, some helpful spamming soul has loaded the comments with solicitations for just such a thing. Have at it.


So I'm back.
I haven't posted on this blog in several thousand years or so, but here I am.
In the mean time, I got rid of the crappy job and went to lawschool.
I'm embarrassed about some of my previous posts, now that I've had a couple of years of legal-learnin' under my belt, because i now recognize their essential ignorance.

Or that could just be the kool aid talking. They say you go to law school and what happens is not so much that you learn to be a lawyer (you learn that when you get a job and start working as a lawyer), but that you start thinking like a lawyer. Or they teach you to think legally, or whatever. So maybe I'm just looking at my old, very sensible posts and re-examining them with the eyes of a new convert. Or maybe I was slightly dumber then. Or maybe I'm slightly dumber now.

Either way, I'm back-for the moment at any rate. Beyond that, I dunno.