Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, dammit. Professor Lawrence Lessig has decided not to run for Congress, despite my support for his potential campaign.
Apparently the polling showed that he simply couldn't beat Jackie Speier. And couldn't even avoid a crushing blowout.
Nonetheless, I would have loved to have seen him in Congress. I still would. But I support his change congress movement more, and I encourage you to do whatever you can to help him with it. He really is a very very smart man, with creative approaches to difficult problems. Moreover, he is an incredibly classy man, as evidenced by his frequent iteration of the fact that Speier has been such a capable public servant over the years (and he's right about that).
Professor Lessig's videos are extraordinarily calm, cogent, downright grown-up explanations of where he's coming from and I find them refreshing as hell.
But the change congress organization is the action now, and that's simply a group of ideas whose time has come, regardless of the man spearheading it, or his electoral fortunes.
Give the site a gander.

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Brendan said...

I'm kind of sad about Lessig, too, but from what little I know about Jackie Speier, she doesn't seem like she'd be the worst person in Congress, and she certainly doesn't seem like the best person for Lessig to run against.

Maybe he should carpetbag to some heinous Republican's district. I can think of one, in particular.