Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For your consideration

I've been on another vacation the last few days (oh the benefits of a late start date at work...). I'm in California, currently in Orange County where I grew up. Next week I'll be in the Bay Area, where I lived before moving to New York (and where I will in all likelihood wind up again at some point).

I really don't have a lot to add to the accelerating media narrative of John McCain being a liar. He just is, dammit, and thankfully the idea seems to be sinking in.

What I do have to add is a plea on behalf of Debbie Cook. She's the current mayor of Huntington Beach, where I grew up, and she's running for congress against Dana Rohrbacher. He's been in congress since before I moved away and he's been a boil on the ass of our republic for a long time.

Orange County is a weird place. It's an island of right-wingeriness in the middle of California. But it's not Mississippi. I grew up here (I say "here" because I'm in OC now) and I'm not a dittohead. I know a lot of people here who are anything but conservative. If the voters of Orange County can pull it together enough to kick B-1 Bob Dornan to the electoral curb, they can give Rohrbacher his walking papers. And in Debbie Cook, I believe the perfect opportunity to do just that has presented itself.

Cook is not only better than Rohrbacher (faint praise indeed), she would be a truly stellar member of Congress. The House of Representatives would be a better place for her influence by several orders of magnitude.

So, if you can kick a little cash her way, please do. She could use it and it would be such a kick in the Republicans' collective groin take back the California 46th. Also, if you're in a safe Obama state and your Congressional district would sooner secede from the union than go Republican, please consider putting Debbie Cook on your "volunteer time to put in on election day" list. I know I will and I personally can't wait to crow about Rohrbacher, the torture apologist, getting his electoral comeuppance in November.

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