Tuesday, September 02, 2008

By way of explanation

Obviously, I'm back. And just as obviously, I was gone from ye olde blogosphere for a little while.

But contrary to Brendan's (AKA my only reader-holla!) suggestion, I have not lost my will to blog.

I had very good reasons not to be blogging for a few months. First, I had to deal with the last set of exams of my law school career. Studying for them and taking them took a few weeks (BTW, all was well and I graduated magna cum laude). From there and through the end of July, I was studying for and taking the New York Bar Exam. A more diabolical test of one's ability to soldier on through boredom and monotony has yet to be devised. But after the exam was out of the way, the missus and I embarked on a weeks-long road trip through the south. Fourteen states, 3500 miles, and several tons of the best food I've ever eaten later, and here I am. I may have more to say about that later, but for now let me just say that I love barbecue, fried chicken, bourbon, road trips, and Mrs. Jilliker, so it was one hell of a way to end the summer.

That explanation out of the way, I have the month of September free before I start work, so I should be much more prolific in the coming weeks. Clearly I've come back at a good time.


Brendan said...

Thanks for letting us (me? ;^)) know what happened. Congratulations on making it through the bar exam drudgery, good for you for taking some R and R, and welcome back to the blogosphere.

It's a delight to go on extended travel with the one you love and find at the end that your love is even deeper, isn't it?

jiminy jilliker said...

Indeed it is.