Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Strange Music of the Day

I have been quite lame about posting this last week. I have a great excuse, though: I finished off my last semester's worth of law school classes and have been prepping for my last semester's worth of exams. There's much to be said about the subjects I usually post about, but after a week wallowing in the mire of trusts and estates, criminal procedure, first amendment jurisprudence and advanced intellectual property, I'm afraid it would come out quite incoherently.

I can post another installment of our delightful "Strange Music" series, though.
This one comes from India. It's "Jaan Pehechan Ho" by Mohammed Rafi. It's featured on the soundtrack to the movie "Ghost World" and I think it's one of the best damned songs ever. The video from the movie it originally appeared in is likewise without peer. Please understand that I am in no way kidding when I say I long to be able to dance (and dress) like that. Enjoy.

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