Tuesday, April 15, 2008


John Stewart nails the absurdity of this whole "Obama's an elitist" dustup:

(Well, dammit. Since I don't seem to be having any luck embedding this video of Stewart explaining [hilariously] that an elitist is what we need after 8 years of a President who is no better qualified for the office than any randomly-chosen one of your neighbors., you can view it here.)

A little elitism is a good thing. Put another way:


Brendan said...

Good clips. Both well worth watching again.

I was able to embed "Gaffe-In" on my site, just by copying the "embed" code after clicking the "share" button where somebody else had already posted the clip. You might try that. Were you trying to embed directly from the DS site?

And BTW, can I just say how much the DS site sucks? What's with having no archives, at least for the past week or two? Doesn't seem to be a problem with the Colbert Report's site.


jiminy jilliker said...

I was using the embed code, but to no avail. I'm assuming that the problem here is my general inability to accomplish anything with a computer that's much more complicated than basic typing (evidenced by the simple, unoriginal design of this blog).
Part of the problem may also be that I'm a mac user in a windows world, though I suspect that would be less of a problem if I was less inept (or should that be "more ept?").
Meh, whatever. I get by.