Sunday, March 16, 2008


Tracy Morgan providing "balance" to Tina Fey's pro-Clintonism on weekend update:

Am I crazy to think this was just depressing? If "balance" involves trafficking in crude racial stereotypes and sexism, I think I'd prefer things to remain unbalanced.

When Tina Fey said "bitch is the new black," "bitch" wasn't being used as an epithet, but when Tracy Morgan said "black is the new president, bitch," it was.

I think too much has been made of SNL's impact and relevance. It's probably only relevant to beltway journalists, who are always behind the curve on everything. But if they're going to try to strike some sort of balance, they could do a MUCH better job by actually making both sides close to equivalent.


skippy said...

good point, especially on the beltway journalists!

Brendan said...

Say what you will about SNL, and I am of the opinion that that show hasn't been good since the host of "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" left, the fact remains that they generated a lot of buzz, which in turn, probably helped HRC in OH and TX.

I agree that the MSM is out of touch enough that they think SNL is still a cultural touchstone, but unfortunately, that's the way it goes. So, as much as I, too, would like to dismiss SNL as passé, I think it's a mistake to say their impact was overstated on this one.