Friday, March 28, 2008

Slate sees the light!

Today, Slate debuted it's new feature tracing the odds that Hillary Clinton will secure the Democratic nomination.

I'm leaving off its name because I'm paranoid enough to think that posting it to my blog or even including it in an email is enough to trigger the NSA datamining computers, and I don't really need that kind of headache. Seriously.

BUT! I am quite heartened that the media seems to be coming around to what should be the obvious conclusion that Clinton can't do it. Her odds today are 12%, by the way (which Slate acknowledges is quite generous).

The facts being what they are (math still works the same way you remember, the electorate is only mostly stupid, superdelegates are rational and self-interested, etc.) Clinton can only secure the nomination by in essence burning down the whole tent. I think she's happy to do so, but the more the Obama-inevitability meme is pushed, the less likely it is that the party elders will allow her to.

Laughably empty threats from fat cat donors notwithstanding.

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