Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A random Spitzer thought:

The way I hear it, you pay hookers not so much for the sex as for the discretion. After a certain point, that's all there is, right? I mean, you may have some beauty standards and/or some kinks that make your ideal hooker one in a million, but even one in a million isn't gonna cost you $55oo an hour.

But strangely, once you reach that super high end threshold, the greater expense actually diminishes the potential for discretion. You have to wire the money or pull it out of your account in cash-and those kinds of wires or cash sums are going to get noticed. Bankers and IRS investigators have their antennae tuned to detect such moves.

It's a bizarre conundrum. Does it mean that in the end, all effective prostitution will be somewhat cheap and sleazy? If that's the case, I think it unlikely that a large portion of the market will be effected.

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