Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Strange Music of the Day

If Ennio Morricone was skydiving and his parachute failed, causing him to land at terminal velocity on the roof of a jeepney carrying Deicide, which then rolled off the road and down a hill, crashing on top of a gamelan troupe on psychedelic mushrooms, Secret Chiefs 3 would result.

Actually, a bloody and noisy catastrophe would result. But if a metaphorical Ennio Morricone was skydiving...


Brendan said...

That was a good one. It didn't strike me the way you described it -- it seemed to have a lot of structure to me.

'Course, that may speak to the state of my own mind.

Brendan said...

Coincidence alert: The CAPTCHA for the last comment was tkaos, which I would pronounce as Teh Chaos.

Get Smart!

jiminy jilliker said...

You're right: This is one of their less chaotic songs. They have some songs that are almost unlistenable noise, some that are simply chaotic, and some that are structured and melodic like this. And within those divisions, some songs display all of those musical reference points, some only one.

I really like these guys one way or another, whatever particular bent they're displaying at the moment.