Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Not to pile on, but...

From Senator Clinton's speech last night:

Thank you, Indiana. Thank you. Not too long ago, my opponent made a prediction. He said I would probably win Pennsylvania. He would win North Carolina, and Indiana would be the tie-breaker. Well, tonight we've come from behind, we’ve broken the tie, and thanks to you, it's full speed on to the White House.

The shorter version? "Joementum!"


Brendan said...

Excellent "shorter!"

Blogonaut said...

How about HRC winning by FIFTY POINTS in WV tonight?

jiminy jilliker said...

I think it's a bit less than fifty, but nonetheless, it's one hell of a victory.

It won't alter the eventual outcome, but I won't try to paint it as anything other than a spectacular margin.

Blogonaut said...

What I meant (math is not my strong suit) is that Clinton received twice the number of votes that Obama did. But with Edwards on the ballot (he captured 7%)Clinton's tally as a percentage of the total votes cast was just north of 40 points.

What I found interesting was the exit polling showing that Clinton's appeal in WV cut across economic and educational lines and was not limited to the uneducated working and middle class as in PA.

Whereas Obama won 94% owa resoundinly, he lost 94% white WV resoundingly--with even the colledge educated breaking for HRC by 51%, and those making 100K or above 57%.

Of course, all of this may be academic at this point.

PS: What did you think of Chris Matthews caling HRC "the Al Sharpton of white people" while anchoring elction night coverage last night? (In case you missed it, the you tube video is posted on my blog.)

Take care, hope the finals were not too taxing. (Take heart, the bar exam--at least the CA bar exam--is a lot easier than a LS final.

Blogonaut said...

John Edwards just endorsed Obama.

jiminy jilliker said...

I thought very little of Matthews's remark. I think he's generally an ass who infrequently surprises me, but more frequently acts like an ass. I also think he's been a total bastard toward Clinton this whole time-and I've called him on it before. But that doesn't alter my impressions of her-it just solidifies my impressions of him.

The exams were as taxing as usual, but after three years worth, I can deal with them pretty well (thanks for asking). The bar exam itself sounds less daunting to me than the 2 months of Bar/Bri leading up to it. At least I'll get a sustained break in August. After school, the bar, and this primary process, I'm going to need it.